THE CHURCH CHORE CREW (CCC)   This is a group of Christ the King people that meet every Monday on a regular basis.  They do important work that needs to be accomplished inside the building and outside. They do the work without recognition or thanks.  

Several men worked many days removing the carpeting in the lounge, and removing some nasty glue from under the carpeting and pad.  They removed wall paper and painted the walls. A new system was made and installed for hanging pictures so nails are not used.  If you haven’t seen the lounge lately, come see. Denny Bernloehr, Jack Carlson, Curt Fandrey, Virgil Strum, John Greiner and Jan Gasterland, provided this work.  Lynne Gasterland, LuAnn Paul, Karen Peterson, Florence Smallfield and Carol Rydell, updated the couch upholstery and window treatment. The carpet and baptismal removal in the sanctuary also included Loren Thompson, Roger Olson and Pastor Rory’s help.

 The grounds around the church during the spring, summer and fall requires a lot of attention.  The Crown garden had been neglected and needed repair.  Curt Fandrey and Jack Carlson put in many hours removing rock and installing tiles. Sandy Roisum & Mary Peterson are appreciated as CTK gardeners as well as CTK staff. Bev Wegge is a kitchen organizer.  

We give Thanks to our staff: Pastor Rory, Pastor Maria, Bjorn Gustafson, Jane Bishop, Dan Lenort, and Jane VeVea for all they do to instigate, facilitate, finance, and support all that happens at Christ the King.  We give thanks to ALL of the volunteers and staff.

  The CCC is a great group that meets on Mondays, any time after 8:30am and it’s not all work.  A coffee and social time is at 10:00sm,  WE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOU COME AND JOIN US ON MONDAYS.  Questions?? ask anyone mentioned here. Come at 8:30-9:00am, you’ll be home for lunch. YOU WILL BE WELCOMED.