Many were called to the fields for labor, some at the first and some later, some much later – all were paid the same.

The Church Chore Corps does what needs to be done. 

Call of the Ministry Team: Maintenance of our physical facilities to allow the collective ministry of CTKB to continue in an operative building and grounds.

Team Leaders: Curt Fandrey – 952-835-4861, Jan Gasterland – 651-357-3282, Dennis Bernloehr – 952-881-8048

Team Sponsor: Dan Lenort, Custodian

Team Commitments: Meet and do chores Monday mornings 8am to Noon.

Team Members: Dan Lenort, Jon Greiner, Mary Peterson, Bev Wegge, Jack Carlson, Curt Fandrey, Dennis Becker, John Swanson, Lylse Bordson, Roger Stenson, Dennis Bernloehr, Rick Turnquist, Virgil Strom, Roger Olson, Mike Vogel, and others as needed.

Monday's Free? Check out CCC!

Dan Lenort
  • Custodian