Commit your way to the Lord; trust in God, and God will act.

-Psalm 37:5

It's Our Time to Share

Every year, as fall begins to turn towards winter, we take time in our community to share our commitments to one another. Making a commitment is easy, in fact it's a Piece of Cake!

When you make a commitment, it says, "This faith community means something to me, and I want to be a part of what we're doing." We are a community together, one committed follower of Jesus next to another. This simple gathering and being together often seems too simple in such a complex world, but through this practice of being church together God is changing lives with the power of connection, joy, and love. 

In 2024, we are praying to God and asking you to help us grow our community's commitments by 10%, from 124 commitments to 136. Each commitment means a family or an individual that has done a simple thing and declared their intent to give to this community and to make it their own. 

We invite you in the next few weeks to pray. Pray for our congregation’s mission and ministry together. Pray about your offering for the next year. Pray about your response to our Stewardship campaign. If you have never made a commitment before, or have lapsed in your commitment to the community, prayefully consider this an invitation to reconnect and participate in a way that makes sense for you. If you're already committed to the community, prayerfully consider increasing your offering to Christ the King. We need everyone to participate in order to keep doing this ministry that means so much to so many.

And then don't forget to join us for Piece of Cake Sunday on November 19th to celebrate this simple, beautiful, and joyful community we share

Fill Out Your 2024 Statement of Intent
Take Part in Something Good

It’s a piece of cake! Sharing in the good work of community ministry at Christ the King in Bloomington is easy. It’s as easy as showing up to pray for one another, like we do every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. It’s also as easy as making a donation in an amount that makes sense in your life and faith practice to sustain this work that we do and the community that we share together.

“My journey of faith [means doing] things in Community, in relationship with you and in relationship with God.”

-Eli Jones, 2023 Confirmand

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Our Goal
10% more commitments

In 2024, we are praying to God and asking you to help us grow our commitments by 10%.

We currently in 2023 have 124 families or individuals who pledge to sustain our faith community.

To continue to sustain our ministry together, in 2024 we need to grow that number by 10%, at least 12 new or lapsed givers, to get us to a total of at least 136 pledges.

Piece of Cake Sunday, November 19th!

Everyone is invited to participate in our cake social after worship on Sunday Nov. 19th.

Our best CTK bakers will be making a number of delicious cakes that we will celebrate by sharing with one another! Plus we will learn Piece of Cake ways to stay healthy and whole in all areas of our lives.

Pledge for 2024

Here are the ways for you to fill out your 2024 STATEMENT OF INTENT:

  1. Pick up a copy of the statement of intent card at Christ the King and place it in the offering on Sunday.
  2. Call Jane Bishop (952-881-8600) with your confidential estimate of giving.
  3. Fill it out securely online.
  4. Fill it out by Sunday, November 19th and participate in our showstopper cake walk!
Complete Your 2024 Statement of Intent Online