“Let all that you do be done in love.”

-1 Corinthians 16:14

The events of our world threaten to overwhelm us. A global pandemic, social unrest, calls for justice, divisive politics, debates over public health - with so much demanding our attention right now – and rightfully so – it can be easy to lose ourselves in the whirlwinds of stress and challenge. That is why it is more important than ever to root ourselves deep in the foundation of our faith – LOVE.

To this end we have selected as our stewardship campaign theme this year: Stay Connected, Stay Caring, Stay Committed. Love is caring committed connection, especially in difficult times. Each part of our theme lifts up the needs and the challenges we are facing right now.

To Stay Connected, we will need to embrace digital ministry in a way we have never done before. We here at Christ the King have been forced into a place of innovation by the ongoing pandemic. This past year we have worked hard to develop our digital toolset so that we can continue our ministry of love and safely stay connected to God and to each other. These new explorations in digital ministry have also been a blessing for our homebound members, members who spend part of the year in other states, and new family and friends of Christ the King. Digital ministry has become an important tool in our ministry toolbox and is here to stay. That is why we want to invest in our digital capacities, so we can improve the quality of our digital offerings.

Stay Connected

Embracing Digital Ministry ~ $5,000

  • From video devotions, online retreats and fellowship gatherings, Zoom coffee hours & Bible studies, classes, small groups, youth activities, and of course online worship, going digital has become a part of almost everything we do.
  • Even when this pandemic is over, we trust that some of our new ways of doing digital ministry are here to stay. That is why we want to invest in our digital capacities, so we can improve the quality of our digital offerings.
  • Our goal for 2021 is to invest in better recording equipment and a more efficient process for producing videos and other digital ministry content.

The pandemic was not the only major event in 2020. In May, the Twin Cities shook after the death of George Floyd. The video of his death under the knees of police officers, after being arrested over a fake $20 bill, forced us to see difficult realities about the ways that racism has worked its way into many of the systems of our society. When confronted with such stressful times and difficult truths, it can be tempting to shut down emotionally and run away from our problems through denial, avoidance, and minimization. But love calls us to persevere through difficult challenges; love calls us to Stay Caring. To this end, we are diving deeper into anti-racism work at Christ the King. With dedicated finances, we will be able to facilitate new opportunities to engage, learn, and grow as we embrace the beautiful diversity of all God’s people.

Stay Caring

Embracing Anti-Racism Work ~ $5,000

  • In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, numerous lay members of Christ the King were motivated to start a new ministry team: The Anti-Racism Ministry Team. With this part of our stewardship campaign, we are hoping to build some financial capacity behind the people power of this new ministry team.
  • These funds will be used to bring in speakers, teachers, guest preachers and worship leaders to broaden our conversations with cross-cultural experiences.
  • We will also be able to use the funds to organize efforts to go out into diverse communities across the Twin Cities to engage in this work as servant learners.

For either of our goals around digital ministry and anti-racism work to be achievable, or for that matter any of our goals as a congregation, we need to Stay Committed to doing the ongoing work of loving ministry here at Christ the King. There is a lot going on across the breadth of our church, and we endeavor to do all of it in love.

Stay Committed

General Operations Cost Increases ~ $10,000

  • We are blessed with an awesome staff and vibrant ministry teams. We want to make sure our staffing and ministries have the resources they need to continue their vibrant and life-giving work at Christ the King.

   Stay Connected. Stay Caring. Stay Committed. Each of these phrases is heartfelt – serving as a reminder of our deepest priority: to love. Remember Jesus’ words from the Sermon on the Mount, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth … but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Our treasure is whatever we most prioritize in life, and each year the stewardship campaign and the ensuing budget process is an opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and make sure that whatever we treasure is employed toward, and dedicated to, the glory of God!

   The pandemic and the craziness of this year have hit everyone differently, some have lost everything while others find themselves in places of increased financial capacity. For we who are able to share, our generosity can make the difference by providing for those who cannot. Given how faithful God has been to this congregation – especially during these confusing, chaotic times – we trust that you will be equally faithful in your response. 

   Pray about your response to this appeal. Consider increasing your offering for the coming year. Complete your Statement of Intent to Christ the King today.

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