“Give, and it will be given to you... for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.”

-Luke 6:38

As we look ahead to next year and the imminent calling of our new Pastor of Community Care, we invite you to consider one of God's gifts to humankind... pie.

Pie builds community. It is a dessert that must be shared. A whole pie is much too large for one person to eat, but just right when friends and family are around. Here at CTK, we too are all about building community. We build relationships between people, God, the community, and those in need.

Our goal for 2023 is to increase our giving by $41,000 or more in new or increased offerings throughout the coming year. The Council has identified three areas where these new offerings will be utilized. Our goals are to build community, meet higher costs, and improve our sanctuary sound.

In scripture, God invites us to share proportionally from our possessions, giving away 10% for the good of others and the community. Giving 10% is like sharing a single slice of pie. We invite you in the next few weeks to pray. Pray for our congregation’s mission and ministry together. Pray about your offering for the next year. Pray about your response to our Stewardship campaign and consider increasing your offering to Christ the King.

Build Community

We are on the verge of calling a new Pastor of Community Care, who will prioritize building relationships among our seniors, our families, and our neighborhood. Supporting this new position with some additional funding will secure a strong leader who will guide and inspire us to be not just a community, but a community of care.

Voices of the Community

Hear Councilmember Rick Turnquist talk about the importance financially supporting his faith community has had in his life.

Meet Higher Costs

Inflation has hit everyone, including the church, hard in 2022. The costs for utilities have especially shot up. Even though we do all we can to keep our usage low, by the end of the year we expect to be overbudget just on electricty by around $10,000. We need everyone's help in meeting these increased costs in 2023.

Improved Sanctuary Sound

This is our stretch goal. Many folks have struggled for years with the sound system in our sanctuary. To fix it we will need to rebuild our sound system from the ground up. This money can hire a consultant to design a new system and recommend acoustic modifications, and be a down payment on those improvements.

Complete your Statement of Intent to Christ the King by Pledges & Pie Sunday, November 20th!
  1. Everyone is invited to bring a homemade or store bought pie to share during our social after worship on Sunday Nov. 20th.
  2. Our best CTK pie bakers will be making a handful of showstopper pies that you can take home for Thanksgiving. These will be raffled off during the Pie Social.
    • Raffle tickets will cost $5.
    • Everyone who turns in their Statement of Intent will receive 10 raffle tickets. 
Pledge for 2023

Here are the ways for you to fill out your 2023 STATEMENT OF INTENT (if you haven’t done so already):

  1. Pick up a copy of the statement of intent card at Christ the King and place it in the offering on Sunday.
  2. Call Jane Bishop (952-881-8600) with your confidential estimate of giving.
  3. Fill it out securely online.
  4. Fill it out by Sunday, November 20th for 10 tickets for our showstopper pie raffle!
Complete Your 2023 Statement of Intent Online Track the Progress of our Stewardship Campaign