“Thus you will eat and drink at my table in my kingdom.”

-Luke 22:30

Jesus promises to his followers that they will have a place together with him in the eternal kingdom of Heaven. As a faith community, we get to be a foretaste of that kingdom as we come together with one another around the table here and now!

Our goal as a congregation is to increase our giving by $30,000 or more in new offerings throughout the coming year. We have identified three areas where these new offerings will be utilized. Our goals are:

A Table of Care. Our first priority is to make sure that we are a community where everyone feels cared for. In this time of pastoral transition, it is important that we rededicate ourselves to caring for one another so that no one slips through the cracks. It is also important that we gather the resources we need to be able to hire great interim pastoral staff and call a new Associate Pastor.

Table of Care

Table of Care ~ $15,000

  • For interim pastors in this time of transition.

A Table of Belonging. The stress of our world continues to tear at our connections to one another. We want to not only reconnect with one another, but to increase our capacity to care and welcome the most vulnerable through education and hands-on work. In particular, we want to love like Jesus loved, and expand our capacity to welcome the poor and the disenfranchised. We will use part of this money to provide for robust learning experiences that help us grow in love and care for the most vulnerable among us. We'll use the other part for hands-on works of love, with a goal of sponsoring an Afghan refugee family as a congregation.

Table of Belonging

A Table of Belonging ~ $5,000

  • Expand our capacity to welcome.
  • Robust training and education for our congregation members
  • Hands on work sponsoring an Afghan refugee family through LIRS.

A Table for the Neighborhood. We are called into our neighborhood to be a people and a place of welcome. That
is why we want to launch a series of new bi-monthly community fellowship events that expand on that welcoming feeling and the fun of great things we do and have done in the past. Potential events include: community cookouts, live music, and outdoor festivals.

A Table for the Neighborhood

A Table for the Neighborhood ~ $10,000

  • Community events that build relationships: cookouts, live music, outdoor festivals

We invite you in these next weeks to pray. How have you found welcome and care as a part of the Body of Christ? How is God inviting you to expand your capacity to welcome and care for others? Pray for our congregation’s mission and
ministry together. Pray about your offering for the next year. Pray about your response to the letter from the Stewardship Team which will ask you to consider increasing your offering.

Be ready to complete your Statement of Intent to Christ the King and place it in the offering plate on Together at the Table Sunday, November 14th. Alternatively you can mail your response directly to the church office or complete your response online.

When you give financially to Christ the King, you take your place at the table. Your gifts also help set the table for others.

As a congregation we can continue to be people and place of love and belonging.

Let’s join one another TOGETHER AT THE TABLE!

Pledge for 2022

Here are the ways for you to fill out your 2022 STATEMENT OF INTENT (if you haven’t done so already):

  1. Pick up a copy of the statement of intent card at Christ the King and place it in the offering on Sunday.
  2. Call Jane Bishop (952-881-8600) with your confidential estimate of giving.
  3. Fill it out securely online.
Complete Your 2022 Intent Card Online Review Our Giving Chart