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Sunday, November 20th, the CTK quilters displayed 62 quilts they had put together over the last year.  We hope you also saw the ones, for children, that were hanging on the altar railing.  There were some very colorful ones made mostly from fabric that had been donated by some of you.  These quilts were delivered to Kennedy Alliance, Bridging and V.A. Home. Thank you to any of you who have donated fabric, yarn, etc. for making these quilts - and also thanks to all who have given money in memory of loved ones.  We use this money for thread, fabric, batting, machine cleaning, etc. There are about 14 quilters who come to quilt and also to share in fellowship.  We'd welcome any of you who would like to join us cut fabric, sandwich quilts together, sew tops and bottoms, tie, hem, etc.  We get together Monday mornings - 9:00-12:00. Another project the quilters do is to pack cookies to be delivered to the home bound, sick, and grieving.  We did this Monday, December 12th. You all made amazing cookies and candies - we hear a lot of oohing and aahing as we filled the boxes. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!so thank you to the kids who baked cookies on Saturday night, Dec. 10th.  You did such a good job baking and decorating - you must have had a lot of fun doing it. Thank you so much for helping us fill all the boxes for our dear CTK friends.