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Dear partner in ministry,

Our stewardship campaign theme this year is “Stay Connected. Stay Caring. Stay Committed.”

Each part of our theme lifts up the needs and the challenges we’re facing right now. To Stay Connected, we will need to embrace digital ministry in a way we have never done before. To Stay Caring, we are called to continue to embrace the difficult work of anti-racism work in our congregation. And for any of our goals as a congregation to be achievable, we need to Stay Committed to doing the ongoing work of loving ministry here at Christ the King. Each of these phrases is heartfelt – serving as a reminder of our deepest priorities: to connect to one another, to care, and to live committed lives of faith.

Spend some time this month praying about your deepest priorities. How do they intersect with the ministry of Christ the King? Read more about our goals for next year in the brochure you will be receiving in the mail and on our website at

Be ready to complete your Statement of Intent to Christ the King and bring it with you to drive-in church on Appeal Sunday, December 13th. Alternatively you can mail your response directly to the church office or complete your response online at

Please prayerfully consider making your response to this appeal.  Contributions to the life and progress of this church come in many forms, but we ask you to consider the powerful impact that making a financial pledge will make to the life of this church. Our leaders will revise next year’s budget to reflect the expectation we have in financial giving, so please know that each and every pledge makes a big difference!

In the peace of Christ,

Pastor Rory Philstrom