Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Isaiah 60:1 

You are all children of light and children of the day. I Thessalonians 5:5  

Arise and shine! We may hear that phrase when we are being urged to get up out of bed and get going on our day. Sometimes it sounds like a good idea, but often we don’t really want to get up and move. There is a cute cat cartoon (aren’t they all?) that has the cat’s response: I may rise, but I refuse to shine.” 

We all have days like that – so focused on why we don’t want to do things, that we forget what is available to make us shine.  

The writer of Isaiah is addressing people who have come through all kinds of trials, they truly were in darkness. Now this verse proclaims that their light has come; this is our light too. The image of God’s glory rising upon them is thought to refer to the cloud that preceded them on their travels from Egypt. God’s presence and glory with them as they traveled and now as they return to the land.  

Paul too refers to the light of God including that we are children of light, we are children of day. As children of God and believers his readers  can remember that the light of God is around them. Further believers might be called the enlightened children of God. Not just surrounded by God’s light, but part of that light. Able to bring the light to people who don’t know about the love of God and His protection of His people. No longer are we part of the darkness, lacking light, and experiencing fear.  

Time to Arise and Shine!  

Jesus, light of the world, thank you that your glory has risen upon us. You brought us out of the darkness and made us children of the light. Light of the world, shine upon us and through us that your light may dawn upon those in darkness, need and despair. May our character, our words, and even our failures be used by you to draw others to your light and love. Amen.  

Chris Gabel