In God’s hand is the life of every living thing Job 12:10  

In him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28  

The verse from Job is part of one of Job’s responses to his friends as they discuss his problems. As part of this response Job says that God is in everything, in all parts of life. If you read a few verses before this verse, his listeners are told to ask the animals to instruct them, the birds, the earth, the fish of the sea, all know that God has done this. In the rest of verse 10 he says that the breath of mankind is also in God’s hand. His faith in God is remarkable.   

Terrible things have happened to Job – the loss of property, family, and his health. He sees the hand of God in everything, and certainly could use that to blame God. Yet he still follows God. Where else can he go? His friends certainly aren’t being very comforting. Job had a relationship with God that continued throughout his life.  God is right there for him, in times of need and finally in times of rejoicing.  

We too can have a close relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Paul in Acts tells the Greeks that the one God is the one in whom we live.  One commentator says this verse tells us that “We have not far to go to find God.”. Our very life and being, every movement we make whether physical moves or thoughts is proof that God is near. The verbs encompass all aspects of our life. We live – that is our basic biologic life, we move physically, we also are moved emotionally, we feel various emotions. Finally we are  – have our being is simply saying that we are, we exist. The commentator continues “ the power for every act and sensation and thought comes from Him.” God is the Creator of all life, and continues His presence in all of our lives.   

Creator God, give us the wisdom to see your living presence in each person that we encounter each day. Help us to show them your love, mercy, peace and grace. May all that we do or say today be a reflection of you. Show us Lord that there is plenty of room for everyone. Amen  

Chris Gabel