“The Lord will send his angel with you and make your way successful.”  Genesis 24:40

“Jesus says, ‘Go your way.  See, I am sending you out like lambs into the midst of wolves.’” Luke 10:3

I came of age during the Vietnam War.  Some young men fled to Canada; some even injured themselves to avoid being drafted.  Many were anti-war; many were afraid.  I was both – and felt fortunate to be non-draft gender.  

The Bible is filled with examples of facing the unknown, of lambs meeting wolves.  Abraham was called to pack up and move to “God knows where”.  Moses was on the lam, having killed an Egyptian.  God told him to return to Egypt, to meet and challenge the ruler of all the land to “let my people go.”.  Young David, with a sling and stone, went out to meet a well-armed giant.  

Throughout recorded time patriots and martyrs have died for their beliefs.  I remember during one of the mass school shootings teenagers, facing guns, were asked, first, if they believed in God.  I cannot say how I would answer “under the gun”.  Like Jesus’ loyal friends I say “Surely, not I!” but like Peter in the courtyard, I want to save my own skin.   

Life is filled with facing the unknown.  We leave our sanctuary, our home, the security of ‘the flock’ and go out to face the day.  As we complain about the cost of gas and eggs, we say “Freedom isn’t free” – a cost that can’t be measured.  Nor was our spiritual freedom free.  Jesus, our Savior, the Prince of Peace, asked once – that we are told of – if he might be spared.  And then he went and faced the “known”.    

Prince of Peace, comfort those who live and work where there is violence, and their families, with a sense of your presence.  We pray peace will come between nations and peoples, within communities and families.  “Give us faith to trust you boldly.”  Amen  

Verla Olson