The Lord said, “I have chosen Abraham that he may charge his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice.”  Genesis 18:19 

We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. I Timothy 1:8   (NIV)

Studying genealogy is a hobby for many people. It is fun to find out who our ancestors were. Maybe where they came from, what they did for a living, how many were in their families. Sometimes we find unknown cousins that we can meet.

Along with passing along their genes our ancestors also pass along a culture, often a religion, and knowledge of right and wrong. I just read a book about the diaries of Adam and Eve, as “translated” by Mark Twain, something he wrote in the 1890s. In one entry Eve laments that they had no idea what was right or wrong since they were the first to do things, say things and invent words. Therefore, that whole eating an apple from the wrong tree wasn’t really her fault.

We do know what the law is – we have the Ten Commandments and all the things that Jesus taught. When we participate in a baptism, parents and sponsors promise to teach the child the Ten  Commandments, Creed and Lord’s Prayer, introduce the scriptures, plus bring them to services in God’s house. This is affirmed by parents, sponsors, and the congregation. Knowing and trying to follow the law is something we can’t do alone. It is a community effort of all God’s people.

Holy Lord, we are grateful to be in the household of faith that comes from ancestors like Abraham. Thank you for choosing him and so many others to enact your righteousness. Help us as we turn to scripture to guide our own feet and the paths of our children You alone are the living Lord through the guidance of your Spirit. Amen

Chris Gabel