Why is light given to one in misery, and life to the bitter in soul, who long for death, but it does not come?    Job 3:20-21  

As it is, we do not yet see everything in subjection to them. Hebrews 2:8  

Job is miserable he's lost everything. he wonders why he's even still alive. He doesn't see any reason to be still alive, what is there to enjoy? This portion of Job has a title in many Bibles; it says Job laments the day he was born. Just think,  he wishes he had never been born. Then he has a few friends, so-called friends, who are supposed to be helping him out but are just adding to his unhappiness and misery. In today's verse Job asks God why am I still alive? Why is there life, I don't want life anymore. he says he's longing for death, but death does not come.   

These laments sound very sad to us but it's very understandable for somebody like Job who has lost family and property and wealth and is ill with ailments that there is no treatment for. Mow many of us may be said to depressed at times and yes occasionally wonder why in the world is there any point to continuing. As people age and are confined to our nursing homes they often can't do what they used to do. It is understandable that they long to maybe see relatives that have died before them they long to leave the life that to them is now mostly pain.  

However, for many young people, things can seem really terrible. For example. for teenagers the boyfriend/girlfriend they like doesn't like them. Their friends all of a sudden cut them off and that's it, that's the end for them. They can't see any way out of it. At that age it's hard to even think of a happy future when all you see is a miserable present. Sadly, we see many suicides among young people who can’t see ahead to a better future. As we age other things happen, job loss, inflation, problems with our kids – again we might see only the bad things.  

Reading the selected portion of Hebrews 8:2, it says that we do not yet see everything. What is it that we don't see? The beginning of the verse says God has put all things in subjection to Christ, all is under Christ feet, God left nothing that is not put under Him. God is in control, hard as that can be to remember sometimes. When we are miserable, sad, in pain or feeling alone we need to remember that we don't see everything clearly. That for most of us things will get better, that we have a God who is willing and ready right there beside us to be with us no matter how bad things may seem.  

Great Creator, Thank you for your light that continues to shine. Thank you that you are always present even in our most bitter moments. Be with those that are in despair and contemplating suicide. We don't always understand your purposes but rejoice that you have a purpose for our lives. Help us see how we can be your light, leading others to you, until your whole creation is turned toward you. in Jesus' name Amen  

Chris Gabel