Do its cool waters from distant sources ever stop flowing? Yet my people have forgotten me. 

Jeremiah 18:14-15  

As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. Abide in my love. John 15:9  

Water is such an important resource in our world. Currently we have had droughts in our country, crops lost, livestock being sold off since there is not enough water for them. In Madagascar hundreds of thousands of people are on the verge of famine. Other parts of the world have more water, but it is often polluted. We humans often used water as a place to dispose of contaminants. The old phrase is “the solution to pollution is dilution.” Well, we have more than surpassed the amount that the oceans and rivers and lakes can handle. In our country we are blessed with good drinking water as our water treatment plants produce this commodity. We also have fresh water in springs that come from underground source.   

Our world was created with plenty of good water for all. Certainly some areas are deserts, others are tropical rain forests, but water is prevalent. When we lack water, then get enough, we are grateful. 

In Jeremiah, we see the people again not being so grateful for something that they take for granted. Snows fall in Lebanon, the cool, pure water flows to where the people can easily get it. Yet, rather than being grateful for God’s provision, they seem to have forgotten all about their Lord. They are turning to idols, burning incense to them.  

How easy it is to forget to be grateful for the things we have. Perhaps at first, when we get our good job, or buy a house, or have other good fortune we remember to be grateful. To thank God and those people who have helped us. Then, we often become complacent and go about our lives as though we are entitled to all that we have. We forget so easily all that God has done for us.  

In John Jesus tells us He loves us just as the Father loved Him. Then tells us to abide in that love. Abide – live in, dwell in, remain in forever. We love, because God first loved us.  

Gracious God, your love reached us and made us alive before we took any notice of you. Though we have often lived in flagrant disregard of your commands, you claim each of us in love as one of your own precious children. May your redeeming love flow through us and into a world thirsting for your life-giving presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen 

 Chris Gabel