Is not my word like fire, says the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks rock in pieces? Jeremiah 23:29
I came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! Luke 12:49
We have the Word of Life in God's word readily available to each one of us. We would be lost without this all-enduring gift of love from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We would be hardened by the trials of life and could become resistant to open ourselves to his love. His word breaks us open, cleanses us, and helps us to live in God's purposes for each one of us.
Among the greatest of these purposes is to let our love flow always and in all ways to others. We do this when we pray for one another; when we give to causes to help those in need; when we teach and care for a child; when we use our talents to heal and comfort those who are ill and hurting; when we volunteer; etc. I could go on and on, because there are many examples of love given in service to others.
During this pandemic I think especially of the front-line health-care leaders and workers, free food distributors, and our government leaders and health-care professionals as they are desperately trying to treat the onslaught of continued new cases, to give correct and helpful information to all, and to promote the distribution of vaccines. What love we see in the way they work tirelessly to give to others.
Dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
Thank you for always being there to show us how to love others as you have loved each one of us. Break open our hardened thoughts and hearts to always let you cleanse us for purposeful lives lived in the love of your guidance. Amen.
Florence Smallfield