I have often heard and read that serious illness or severe or chronic pain can change one’s perspective on life. It can also send one into a dark night of the soul where God is absent and light is a dim memory. On the other hand, perhaps it will prompt one to open one’s bible more often, pray for courage and strength to endure and fall to ones knees in supplication.

The devotion which I read for today in CHRIST IN OUR HOME asked me to pray for those with chronic illness and also, I suppose, urged me to write this devotion.  Our hearts are stirred with compassion for those who are afflicted in this way.  We long for Gods mercy and peace to touch them whether they are asking for him or not.  And as we say in Sunday prayers, we pray, “God hear our prayer.”

A verse from Hosea, which was also included in today’s devotion heartened me. “He will come to us like the showers, like the spring rains that water the earth.”  Hosea 1:3

For some, God comes to them like this.  But for others, the struggle goes on and on, brown and barren days, pain and more pain, lonely nights.  How can we help to bring a spring to them?  With our heartfelt prayers to God.

Most holy God, we weep for those who cannot feel your love and mercy.  Thank you for putting your love, your compassion into our hearts so that we can sincerely pray for them.  Bring forth your peace for all the world.  Bless our path on this way to Christmas.  Lord God, hear our prayer.   Amen

Joan Perlich