This September we're leaning into the theme of playfulness and joy. One of the ways we're doing this is in the creed used in worship. This month, we'll be using the words of "A Wondrous Creed" to collectively proclaim the story of our faith. It calls to mind the wonders of God in each part of the Holy Trinity.

A Wondrous Creed

We believe in God the Creator,

who designed all things good

in a dizzying and wonderful array of broad diversity,

things seen and unseen, subatomic and intergalactic, friendly and terrifying.


We believe in Jesus Christ,

God’s perfect Child,

who delighted to be revealed in the flesh and live among us.

Jesus was born into an unconventional family who adored Him even when they did not understand Him.

He confounded authorities and comforted the oppressed.

He represented the marginalized and was crucified. His body was mocked by others. He died and was buried.

He knew personal Hell.

On the third day God celebrated the wonder of the human body and raised Jesus from the dead.

Jesus ascended into the realm of beauty, and is continually moving among us, blessing and sustaining us.


We believe in the Holy Spirit,

all music, wonder, joy, and strength.

We are members of the Body of Christ.

We cherish the communion of the saints,

live because of the forgiveness of sin,

emulate the resurrection of the Body,

and already experience life everlasting. Amen.