A burning bush, a wrestling match, strange dreams, stone tablets, pillars of fire and cloud, a victory song, a wet fleece, prophets' mouths, visions of bones, an angel chorus, descending doves, thunder from a cloud... these are only a few of the ways in which God communicates with the people in the Bible. God speaks in so many varied and wonderful ways.

We at Christ the King also have a lot of different ways that we communicate God's Word. While we don't have any burning bushes or a cadre of messenger doves, we do have prayers, announcements, acts of service, video devotionals on Facebook, a website, digital worship, bulletins, sermons, songs, email devotions, weekly digital news blasts, and the Herald our monthly newsletter. 

We are adding a new communication tool this month - a CTK smartphone app! The app is a great way to access all of our worship services, live streams, sermons, devotions, events, and news. You can also give, see current prayer needs, and add community prayer requests of your own. If you've ever felt like it's hard to find information about what this community of faith is up to, the app can be a helpful way to have everything in one, easy-to-navigate, place.   

How to View & Download the CTK App:   Click the link below on your mobile phone to download the Christ the King app. When you click the link, it will forward you to the App Store to download the Tithe.ly Church App. When you open it for the first time, it will automatically open up to our church’s app. 


~ Pastor Rory