The Human Resources Committee consists of six voting members, including the treasurer, the president of the congregation, the lead pastor(s), and three additional members who shall be elected by the Congregational Council. Term of office shall be three years, with one member elected each year. Members shall be eligible for reelection.    

HR Committee Tasks:

  • give assurance that Christ the King has a personnel manual that is current. HRC shall review the personnel manual annually;
  • assuring that current job descriptions for all positions are current and reviewed annually;
  • performing annual reviews of the compensation structure and benefits program with personnel budget recommendations annually to coincide with the overall budget process;
  • performing annual individual interviews with pastor(s) to assure that personnel management systems and reporting relationships are functional and properly administered; 
  • performing a review of the organizational chart and reporting relationships as needed, with recommendations to the Congregation Council;
  • a prior review and recommendation to Congregation Council is required for all new positions, policies, and procedures; modifications of compensation for any staff other than that which may occur during the annual budget cycle; prepares offers of employment, including compensation, benefits, and other employment related issues for non-rostered staff.
  • acting as a resource in employee relations activities as needed.
  • report on committee activities to the Congregation Council;
  • submit a proposed budget of its activities to the Congregation Council.
  • shall submit their accounts to the treasurer of the Congregation Councilor the church office. The treasurer shall include such accounts in their report to the congregation at the annual meeting.

Current Members

Bill Smallfield (2020-2023)

Sean Bernier (2019-2022)

Mark Meier (2018-2021)