The Audit Committee consists of three voting members elected by the Congregation Council. Audit Committee members shall not be members of the Congregational Council. Term of office shall be three years, with one member elected each year. Members shall be eligible for reelection.

Audit Committee Tasks:

  • conduct a limited review of the Statement of Financial Position of Christ the King Lutheran Church by selecting samples to verify that records are fairly stated on financial reports;
  • conduct the review prior to the January annual meeting for the previous year;
  • treat all information with care and confidentiality; ·         include a report in the year-end financial statement at the annual meeting.
  • report on committee activities to the Congregation Council;
  • submit a proposed budget of its activities to the Congregation Council.
  • shall submit their accounts to the treasurer of the Congregation Council or the church office. The treasurer shall include such accounts in their report to the congregation at the annual meeting.

Current Members

Becky Johnson (2017-2023)

Roger Stenson (2019-2022)

Jim Butala (2018-2021)