Mission Parties: We have six “mission parties” to coordinate and nourish the work of our diverse ministries and teams. Five of these mission parties are formed around the fivefold Mission of God that is the same in any time or place: Worship, Witness, Teaching, Service, and Community.

  • Worship gives a public foretaste of the Kingdom.
  • Witness boldly and creatively proclaims the reality and nearness of the Kingdom.
  • Community builds the supportive and loving relationships of the Kingdom.
  • Teaching illuminates the Kingdom and helps people grow into the depths and fullness of themselves.
  • Service enacts and spreads the Kingdom in the humble ways of Jesus.

If you take away even one of these from the life of the Church, what remains is less and less discernable as the Way of Jesus.

We also have an additional sixth mission party for Children, Youth, and Family to reflect our extra focus on young people here at Christ the King.

A mission party is made up of everyone who is involved in the work of its constituent ministry teams. Each mission party meets at least once a year for the work of celebrating, networking, planning, evaluating, and visioning for the future.

Ministry Teams: Ministry Teams are the organizational unit for the work of ministry in the congregation. These teams are many and varied in their make-up and in their work. They are born out of the dreams and passions of the members of the congregation as new opportunities arise to fulfill God’s mission in our homes, our congregation, our neighborhood, and around the world. They end when a new direction is sought or when there is no longer adequate support or leadership for pursuing their call.