The Lord makes poor and makes rich; he brings low, he also exults. I Samuel 2:7. 

As believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, you must never treat people in different ways according to their outward appearance. James 2:1 (GNT)  

In Genesis we read that God created people. He created man and woman and made people in His own image. Doesn’t say that some people were made after another image. We all were made in the image of God. As Hannah says in I Samuel – God made poor people, and rich people, those who are humbled and those who are exulted. She continues saying that the poor and needy are raised up and can be with princes. The amount of money you have or the job you do makes no difference, all of us are people God created.  

Does this sound like the way our world works? We see people who only think those like themselves are ok. Only those of the same race, color, ethnicity, religion – those are the only children of God. Many pictures of Jesus even portray Him as a blue-eyed blond as though that is the only thing He could have been. James tells us that as we believe in Christ Jesus, we must not treat people in different ways; following the example of Jesus who treated all persons alike. Another translation of that verse says: “My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism.” He says what if a person comes in to church wearing fine clothes, and another in shabby clothing? That doesn’t matter at all in the way they are to be treated.   

We have on the sign outside of our church “All are Welcome” and they are. Of course we also have to greet new people when they come through our doors, to truly make them feel welcome. In other areas of our lives we can treat people equally – not in different ways but applying the Golden Rule to all. Speaking up when we see unequal treatment of those who are “different.” Letting the world see we are Christians, followers of Jesus Christ by our love of and equal treatment of others.

Creator God, although humanity’s colors and features look different, you have created us in your image to embrace, love, and serve each other. Lord of glory, thank you for your justice that turns the tables on life as usual. You bring grace when we least expect it. Help us to accept, love, and care for others not as the world perceives them, but as Christ does. Amen. 

Chris Gabel