The Lord is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Psalm 16:8

To this day I have had help from God. Acts 26:22

 "I Shall Not Be Moved", also known as "We Shall Not Be Moved", is an African-American slave spiritual, hymn, and protest song dating to the early 19th century American south. It was likely originally sung at revivalist camp-meetings as a slave jubilee. The song describes being "like a tree planted by the waters" who "shall not be moved" because of faith in God. Secularly, as "We Shall Not Be Moved" it gained popularity as a protest and union song of the Civil Rights Movement.

One of the millions of websites out there, describe those willing to be a candidate for the clergy is only 6.4%. They feel they are informed and committed enough to have the title of Pastor. From those who were willing to polled about their religious beliefs.

I find that number really small. That is a scary percentage. Even though, in the same poll, 25.6% believed that they had found their religion and were on the right path, they did not believe they were well informed or committed. Are you a candidate for the clergy because you are informed and committed or are you a spiritual straddler because you have one foot in traditional religion and one foot in free-form spirituality? Or, something else?

I would consider myself in the candidate for clergy and I would hope you would also. You need to be informed and you need to be committed. Being informed and committed is not a bad thing; it is how you express it.  Today I want you to know that "I Shall Not Be moved!" I will not straddle the fence or fall for every wind of doctrine, I will not be moved. I believe in Jesus Christ and because of that belief and acceptance, I am a child of God because I am His child, He is always looking out for me. I believe this and I shall not be moved! I have sung during protests, that song that had these words in the chorus: "I shall not, I shall not be moved, I shall not, I shall not be moved just like a tree planted by the waters, I shall not be moved."

Today I want to ask you to plant yourselves; to make a commitment to God that as of today, you will become informed. You will search the Word for yourself and become planted. There are many truths out there that are not necessarily addressed point by point in God’s Word, but the truth about His Son, the truth about who you are in Him and the power that is within you should be so firm that nothing could move you.

Your gospel, Lord, is solid ground, so I can proclaim your promises. And when I speak, it is always in the shadow of the cross, the solid ground. Amen.

Peace, Susan Hanson