This earth and the heavens will perish but you will endure. Psalm 102:25-26

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

God is unchanging. We humans do change. We learn and grow – sometimes in good ways, occasionally in some not so good ways. One of the events of this past year was our growing awareness of the ways we have ingrained racism in our society. The death of George Floyd was a catalyst for this awareness and lots of action to deal with the problem. Becoming aware of white privilege which has been there all along whether we noticed it or not, has led many to begin to take action. We prayerfully consider how to engage in conversation with those not like us and work together to find remedies.

We balance many things every day from our families, friends, jobs, housework, and hobbies to the news. We become absorbed in all those things that demand our attention. In reality, if we get so absorbed in other things, how do we balance God in our lives? So often He fades into the background. Even in the background God is still there, unchanging, patiently waiting for us to turn our attention back where it belongs. If we want to effect change in our lives and our society, we need the unchanging God’s help.

It is good to know that no matter how much we change, if we are sad, or happy, or worried, Jesus does not. He cannot change, He has been here since the world was created and will be here long after our world ends. The only thing that needs changing is us. We may have trouble understanding this, that Jesus is not like everyone else. He continues the same as always, loving us, caring for us, and patiently waiting for us to ask for forgiveness as we work on changing our lives to live as God intends for us. 

Steadfast God, as we celebrate your constancy, we pray to bear with wisdom and patience he changes in our lives. Help us to hold to your truths while we move into the future. Thank you Lord for being our steadfast and enduring friend. We get upset when others let us down, but you forgive. Grant us the grace to look back forgivingly, forward prayerfully, and be in the present gracefully. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Chris Gabel