“Shepherd your people with your staff.”  Micah 7:14  

“The sheep follow the shepherd because they know his voice.”  John 10:4

 I probably cannot add more to the relationship between literal shepherd and literal sheep that has not been said.  I probably have no more to add to the analogy between God as shepherd and us as sheep that has not been said.  The image of green pastures and still water; of Jesus lovingly carrying his lamb in his arms.  We, as sheep, wander when we follow the voices of greed and materialism, injustice and unkindness.   We find ourselves roaming in parched fields of loneliness and grief and worry.  God, the shepherd searches for us and brings us back into the fold. 

  Several years ago we walked a country road outside Flom, Norway, where sheep were feeding in … yes, green pastures.  We were taken in by three lambs, nestled together, perhaps warming each other, seemingly comforting each other, surely content.   I am just one lamb of one flock.  Jesus said there are other sheep of different folds.  He was going to seek them out, as should we.   We are “designated shepherds” searching for those lambs needing comfort, that do not know green pastures and still waters. 

We may not be called on to risk our lives for other sheep as Jesus said a “Good Shepherd” will do, but we are called to give resources and time as we are able for all the flock … our home, community, to the ends of the Earth … “God’s pasture”.  

Good Shepherd,  restore our souls when we wander and guide us along the path of your righteousness.  Strengthen us when we experience dark times.  Moves us to share of our overflowing abundance.  May your goodness and mercy guide our days.  Amen  

Verla Olson