It was I who taught Ephraim to walk; I took them up in my arms, but they did not know that I healed them. Hosea 11:3

I will not leave you orphaned; I am coming to you. John 14:18

Our verses span a long time of God’s faithfulness to us. Hosea has God’s message of His past helpfulness with the people of Israel. God taught them to walk, He cared for them. The images are of caring parents guiding children as they learn to walk, carrying them in their arms. The people in that time were in exile, and many had forgotten what God had already done for them. Hosea’s message is that no matter what, God still loved and cared for them.

Then John records these words of Jesus as He comforts the disciples. The setting is the Last Supper; there is lots of worry and concern as Jesus heads toward the cross and death. The 14th chapter of John contains many comforting words that Jesus leaves with His disciple. He talks about preparing rooms for them, and about the coming of the Holy Spirit.

In verse 18, Jesus uses the imagery of parenthood again, telling them that they will not be orphaned. They will not be left alone in this world, and will have places in the world to come. The parenthood of God goes from past through the present to the future. God has promised to always be with us, loving and caring for us as a parent does for their children.

Mother-Father God, we are grateful that you adopted us as your own children. Thank you for the embrace of your loving arms. God, you have shown yourself faithful throughout scripture, and you have been faithful to us. You have heard our cries, healed our hurts, and held us when it was needed. Your faithfulness never runs dry. May we also be faithful to you. Amen.

Chris Gabel