In our April council meeting we again talked about our worship plans for the coming months. As a council we decided to stay with the drive-in services for now. I know everyone is anxious about getting back together in church for worship. Believe me the council is anxious to get back inside as well.

The main reason for staying outdoors is to keep everyone safe. The staff has yet to be fully vaccinated and it is important to the council as well as everyone else to keep them safe and healthy. Another factor is the number of cases in Hennepin and the surrounding counties continue to be high. Ideally we would like to see cases in the single digits per 10,000 people. I attended the Mpls Area Synod Assembly the weekend of April 24th and had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Michael Osterholm talk about how to deal with the virus in a church setting. It is our opinion, that at this time, it would not be safe or a good practice to hold worship services indoors.  

The council is discussing ways to change up the drive-in worship so that we may be able to leave our cars and be able to see each other again with all the safety protocols in place. I do feel that we will be back inside soon. I just cannot say when that will be. I do appreciate your thoughts and concerns about the decisions the council has made but I do feel it is in the best interest of us all. Please feel to reach out to me at any time.  

Peace and blessings to all, Mike Haddox, Council President