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CTK Yoga has one of the most beautiful settings and is one of the best deals in town!  Classes are $10 each.
Saturdays at 8:45am  and Tuesdays at 6:30pm
Most Saturdays, Sarah Kaweit has the time to stay after the sessions to help out beginners or find pose modifications for you. Everybody is different. Call the church office to arrange this extra counseling with her.


*NEW* Wendy Brom is teaching SomaYoga on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. This is a progressive blend of traditional yoga, therapeutics, and the neuromuscular re-education of somatics. Its purpose is to release muscle tension and long held habits and patterns in the body. The result is less pain and better functional movement which allows for us to continue to move well in our body and continue to do the things we love as we age. SomaYoga provides the perfect balance of mobility, stability, strengthening and stress relief. It is a gentle practice that is available to Every Body!  Sarah Kaweilt continues to lead Hatha yoga classes on Saturdays at 8:45a.m. Hatha Yoga works on your alignment, teaches relaxation techniques, and builds strength, flexibility and balance using traditional Yoga poses and breath. Both Yoga practices are based on meeting your body where it is at. This is YOUR practice.  Bodies change from day to day depending on all the variables of life. Your instructor is there to guide and help you through the poses and activities, making adjustments as needed to keep you comfortable and safe.