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The Bartimaeus Project: Seeing the Unseen

Bartimaeus, [bar-tih-may-us], a blind beggar, received his sight from Jesus outside the walls of Jerico in Mark 10:46-52

What is the Bartimaeus Project?

The Bartimaeus Project seeks to nurture faith in God through visual arts in worship, to encourage and celebrate creativity in individuals as well as in the larger faith community. We believe that art is a healing gift from God.

Who is part of the Bartimaeus Project?

People of all ages interested in the visual arts and how it relates to faith: artists of all levels and disciplines, art appreciators and anyone who says, “I don’t have any talent but I love art.” 

When do you meet?

The Bartimaeus Project meets the second Wednesday of every month at church. Newcomers are always welcome!

What do you do?

· We contribute visually to the worship services at Christ the King

· We support and encourage creative endeavors of our participants.

· We promote the relationship between art and faith through education, art displays and community involvement.

· We stay connected to the larger art community through gallery and museum visits, lectures and other special events.

· We aim to be a vital ministry at Christ the King and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

· We are open to explore and discover new directions and expressions.

If you are interested in joining please call the church office – 952-881-8600 or email