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  • It is totally and completely confidential, one-on-one, ministry. 
  • It is a response to Christ’s instruction “to love one another as I have loved you”.
  • It is a one-to-one lay ministry by trained, caring Christians reaching out in time of need.
  • It is a helping relationship focusing on the unique needs of each person.
  • It is a commitment to caring and supporting one another, to build a Christ-centered, sharing community.

A CARING CHRISTIAN – desiring to offer his/her support to others in time of need.

A SHARING CHRISTIAN – bringing who he/she is to each helping relationship, as a partner in another’s life experiences.

A TRAINED CHRISTIAN – having developed his/her helping skills through intensive coursework.

A DEDICATED CHRISTIAN – commissioned by our parish to confidential in-depth caring.


A professional counselor or psychologist. 

A social worker providing lots of physical services. 

An expert in law, finance, church doctrine, etc. 

A brief, superficial visitor “touching base” with people now and then. 

Stephen Ministry is for: 
  • Hospitalized people
  • People grieving the loss of a loved one
  • People who are lonely or depressed
  • People with major life transitions
  • People who are separated or in the process of divorce
  • People who are shut in or institutionalized
  • People experiencing the birth of a child
  • Dying people, and families of those who are terminally ill
  • People experiencing loss of job or financial setbacks
  • People and families of those in trouble with the law
  • People who are new to our community
  • People who are struggling with their faith in God




What do I do now

To have a

Stephen Minister

For myself

Or for my friend?

Simply contact any of the pastors for a confidential discussion. They will take it from there.  

You or your friend will be well on the way to a meaningful experience.