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In 1974, church and civic leaders perceived a need for an organization to more adequately handle the multiple problems of citizens in the south and west sections of Hennepin County. Christ the King joined this endeavor and has been a member of VEAP since its founding. Many problems have been addressed with the core problems of neighbors going without adequate food and household items needed for daily life. The collection of food and other goods happens weekly here at church and is sent to VEAP to distribute to neighbors in need. CTK has averaged about 4500 pounds of food and other household supplies yearly.

Other services VEAP provides includes transportation to doctor or dental appointments and social work help to facilitate other medical or governmental services.

There are a variety of VEAP programs that we have participated in regularly. We start collecting school supplies in summer for students needing basic supplies to participate in their studies. In the fall we join with the other churches in a program to distribute Thanksgiving meals for neighbors facing financial shortages. Into the fall we have continued to collect gifts for Christmas including toys for younger children and gift cards for adolescents to use. In the spring CTK engages with other churches to help package breakfast and lunch supplies for families whose children receive free or reduced breakfast and lunch tickets during the school year. This year 600 bags a week for 10 weeks distributed over the summer months.

Along with these projects CTK has made regular financial contributions to the VEAP program. These include the proceeds from the Rummage, Bake, Book and Plant Sale in June. There is also a designated Gift of Love month to support VEAP programs.

It is expected that CTK will continue to be an active participant in the VEAP program which is viewed as a valuable community service.

Families Moving Forward

Families Moving Forward is a faith based nonprofit organization in Minneapolis that provides temporary emergency shelter, permanent affordable housing and supportive services to low income families with children. www.familiesmovingforward.org CTK along with other congregations in the Twin Cities provide temporary emergency shelter. CTK host families for one week twice a year. You as a member of CTK can get involved by volunteering to cook and serve an evening meal or breakfast, be a host, stay overnight with the families, or help with the setting up and taking down the sleeping areas.

Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes mission is to provide nutritious meals to people who are hungry in the Twin Cities Metro Area in an atmosphere of hospitality. www.loavesandfishesmn.org. CTK serves meals 4 times per year at Hope Church in Richfield. You as a member of CTK can get involved by volunteering to be on one of the serving teams. Serving teams consists of 12-15 people who purchase, prepare and serve the evening meal and clean up.