Dear siblings in Christ,   

At our council meeting in March, we talked with excitement about the new possibilities that the vaccines and the weather are providing for our community to meet. We decided to change our COVID precautions in two ways.

First, we decided to increase the capacity for groups that are meeting in the CTK building from 10 to 15 people. Masks and social distancing will still be required.  

Second, we talked about wanting to offer an in-person worship experience every week. We were already planning in-person drive-in services for Palm Sunday and Easter. On April 11th, the Sunday after Easter, we’ll join with the entire Minneapolis Area Synod for digital worship one last time. Then, on Sunday, April 18th, we will begin the practice of offering drive-in worship every single Sunday at 9:30am. This drive-in worship service will include weekly Holy Communion and will also be streamed online for any of our homebound members or anyone else who can’t make it out.   

We decided against holding indoors Sunday worship at this time for two reasons. The first is that while many people are getting vaccinated, many of the church staff have not yet been eligible to receive it. We want to keep our staff, and everyone who might come to worship, safe.

The second is that we want to have a worship service where we don’t need to make reservations or turn anyone away because of capacity limits. Our outdoor drive-in service offers us a way to be able to welcome any and everyone who might need in-person worship on any given week.   There is light at the end of this COVID tunnel. Let’s stay safe and vigilant to make sure that we keep our faith community as healthy as possible for just a little bit longer. We’ll get through this together.  


Mike Haddox, council president