Nov. 2020 actual income was $49,678.59 and disbursements were $47,664.45 making us ahead for the month by $2,014.14.  Year to date, our actual income is $613,509.83 and our disbursements are $524,468.50 …  which puts us ahead by $89,041.33 at the end of November.  2020 has been a strange year, to say the least, but your support has never wavered and for that we are grateful.  Your tithes and offerings make our mission to do God’s work possible … we are still the church, we are still able to hear the Good News, we are still able to serve and we are still able to connect in meaningful ways! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  If you have any questions regarding financials, please feel free to contact me, Jane Bishop, Financial & Property Administrator or CTKB Treasurer, Rachel Bernier at 

Be Safe … Be Well!    


Nov. Budget

Nov. Actual




 $ 57,776.00

 $ 49,678.59  



 $ 52,261.04 

$ 47,664.45 


Margin (Deficit)

 $  5,514.96  

 $  2,014.14   

 $ 89,041.33