Over the past months of 2020, Dale and I have been the recipients of many cards, letters, gifts of food and memorials in Dale’s honor. I am so appreciative of your prayers and the love felt at this difficult time.  I appreciate that council opened up the sanctuary for small memorial services and the excellence of our pastors, Bjorn and the staff for keeping us connected on virtual worship, learning & much more.  Thank you Christ the King.   Mary Peterson

A special thank you to members who purchased gifts for Ebenezer residents. You will make this holiday season a little brighter for them.  Lorraine Peter

Last Sunday (12/13) at our church services, a member noticed I had a flat tire, a crowd of our members gathered around to help me, Doug stopped and started to work on getting the car jacked up to change the tire, after trying to use my poor car jack, he went home get his good jack. He was able to change it to the spare donut spare. He then offered to have me follow him to the station that repaired it. I truly appreciate the trouble he went to for me. God  bless.  Clayton Gardner  

Thank you, CTK, for the prayers for my nephew, Kim Reed.  Kim was hospitalized in ICU/on a ventilator/sedated for 3 1/2 weeks after contracting COVID 19.  We thank God and all medical personnel who worked with Kim (and others with COVID 19) in extremely difficult circumstances.  Kim is now in rehab and making good progress toward recovery.  We continue to pray as we go forward with the challenges COVID 19 has brought to all of us.  Again, thank you CTK.  - Marilyn Akimoto

I have never eaten a Thanksgiving dinner or any other holiday meal by myself.  This was a first, it was different, but not sad.  As I looked down at the heaping plate of all my familiar Thanksgiving foods, it was almost like being "home" with my family.  Thinking about soon playing Thanksgiving Bingo with my family via zoom, I had something more to look forward to.  My son dropped off some pie treats and later in the afternoon, we joined zoom again while we visited and ate pumpkin pie. So, thanks to the Janes, Dan, and anyone else I'm missing THANK YOU for preparing and distributing the wonderful meal."  Bev Larson  

From a note sent to the church: “Dear Church who gave us a great thanksgiving, Thank you for a well-organized system you and your staff had to distribute all those wonderful tasty meals.  You made my Thanksgiving by such a meal … well done, excellent! Kudos to all of you and your staff to making an event like that possible.  God gave us you to make it possible for you to do such a well worth cause. I truly thank you for that. God Bless you all.”     

Our Gift of Love for September was for the Kennedy Community Alliance which helps Bloomington Kennedy families bridge the gap. Melissa Riebel is the coordinator for KCA and she had this to say when we told her about CTK’s gift.   “This is FANTASTIC news!!!  I was just sitting at my computer thinking, "Where can I go to get help with gift cards for our families?".  The need is so much greater than ever before because of the pandemic.  I am a firm believer that I am guided by our Lord in this outreach and we will get what we need when we need it.  Literally, I am crying writing this because of this feeling.  We actually are in great need of Target and Walmart gift cards, please use the Gift of Love  monies for these.  100% of your gift goes directly into the hands that need it.  Again, I cannot thank you enough.  Christ the King has been a loyal and faithful partner along with many of their parishioners.  Be well ~ “  

CTK Foundation Memorials   In memory of Dale Peterson: Wayne & Darlene Hansen, Merritt Schuelein, Sharon Wood

In memory of Ginny Bergerson: Bob and Eunice Lange

In memory of Marloe Anderson: Gary & Jo Hofstad, Jim & Chris Scanlon, Warren Winterfeldt

In memory of Dave Roberts: Roger & Verla Olson, Dan & Barb Rhodes, Jim & Chris Scanlon

In memory of Wally Hauge: Bob and Eunice Lange  

Memorials & Gifts to Christ the King

In Memory of Marloe Anderson: Gifts from Jack Bergerson, Margit Hauge, John and Gail Hill, Mark and Diane Meier, Roger and Verla Olson, Jim and Kathy Petersen, Dan and Barb Rhodes, Randy Schulz

In Memory of Ginny Bergerson: Gifts from Jim and Arlene Knutson

In Memory of Dale Peterson: Gifts from Jack Bergerson, Jim and Arlene Knutson, Jon Oleson, Rick Turnquist  

In Memory of Dave Roberts: Gifts from Harriet Felber

In Memory of Ester Wenzel: Gifts from Marv and Shirley Roloff

In Memory of JoEllen Waldow (Sandy’s Sister): Gifts from Sandy Fahrendorff