Good Morning! 

This week, Sunday School is all about MARK 1:21-22, "Jesus teaches with authority!"

Using the resource attached below, read the bible story or watch the video below then have fun discussing the questions with your family and siblings. 

  • 1. Think of a time you learned something new. What was that like?
  • 2. What makes a good teacher?
  • 3. When did you feel astounded by a new perspective?
  • 4. What do you think it means to have authority?
  • 5. How do you decide on whose authority to trust in your life?

After talking a bit about the story, take some time to color the coloring page! 

End your time with prayer:

PRAYER: "God of new things, you surprise and astound us throughout our lives. We learn so much through you and your Son, Jesus. Help us learn and be open to new ways of seeing your great world. Amen."