Mike Haddox opened the forum by designating the top five choices for the new associate pastor tasks.  They were as follows, (not in any specific order):

1.  Building a sense of Community; 

2.  Pastoral Care/Visitation;

3.  Preaching/Worship;

4.  Ministry with Seniors;

5.   Youth and Family Ministry.

One congregant thought that youth ministry should be on top, but Jake Johnson responded that we included that into family ministry, which was more general.  Pastor Rory said that Tre was hired for that reason and additional hours were added to youth ministry.  The church council will address that position.

Another congregate mentioned a need for a minister with a wide range of abilities and experience.  Mike related his experience with previous pastors at CTK. Pastor Rory also talked about challenges with past ministers.  There was some discussion about using words or a title to describe our new pastor such as “pastor of community affairs”.  Several congregants emphasized the importance of personal skills. 

Lynn commended the call committee members for their cooperation as well as contributions by the congregation and church council.  The call committee will do more with the process at a later date.

Pastor Rory asked the group to give some key thoughts for our incoming pastor.  Being warm and fuzzy was highlighted by Joan.  Other comments included effective communicator and versatility.  Pastor Trevor iterated that the need depends upon the person selected.  Seminarian training focuses on all 40 tasks, though some are educated more specifically.  According to Pastor Trevor’s perspective, the associate pastor could be a first call or second career person.  Mike said from his experience small groups of ministry classes were important.   One church member stated that many of the 40 tasks might require the associate pastor to build from a base.  Another thought that the non-attendees rather than the attendees or community members should be surveyed. Mike quoted Pastor Rory about his giving congregation ideas and letting them run with it, an active congregation.  The pandemic obviously impacted on this process.

CTK needs to build for a future ministry.  When we have a small number of youth and many seniors.  We need to put our energy into both. The balance can be accomplished if we share and work together.  We can do amazing things.  We are presently building community, but let’s reach out to the other ethnic groups in our community.  There are lots of positives at CTK:  Families Moving Forward, Loaves and Fishes, Global Missions and community garden.

One church member thought that CTK was in need of more than one service on Sunday.  Pastor Rory responded that there are challenges in splitting the congregation.  The Worship style also needs to be addressed.  Additionally, should we consider time changes for Sunday services.  Jake mentioned looking for a new Pastor that is innovative and willing to try new ideas.  Saturday services were moved to Wednesdays, but it is something to consider.  Congregates felt that by helping each other we can make it work.

Mike thanked everyone for their participation and concluded the meeting. 30 members were in attendance.

Submitted by Fred Meyer, Call Committee Member