Hello everyone, 

The holidays can be a financially difficult time for all of us, especially if you're a senior and living on a fixed income. There are resources available to you. One of them is the Minnesota Senior Linkage Line that helps seniors with plans for aging in place, navigating medicare, and providing connections to care giving. Visit the website at https://mn.gov/senior-linkage-line/ or Call the toll-free number: 1-800-333-2433. Also available, is the Minnesota mental health support hotline (called the Warmline). This toll-free call is available for anyone struggling with any mental health needs. They are not a crisis number but they are trained professionals standing by for any conversation or connection we all value and need in times of our life. 

Visit the website at https://mentalhealthmn.org/support/minnesota-warmline/ or Call the toll-free number: 855-WARMLINE or 1-877-404-3190 or even text “Support” to 85511.  And of course, we at Christ the King are here for you for any of life's ups and downs. Feel free to call or pass a note along and we'll reach out to you! We hope the holidays were merry and bright and even if they weren't, we'd be glad to talk about them.

~Visitation Pastor Trevor