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Puzzling over how you will wile away cold, dark winter hours?  Perhaps piecing together the colors and intricacies of peaceful landscapes will add some cheer to otherwise seemingly long days.  CTK is adding a “Jigsaw Puzzle Swap” to our spiritual well-being “care center”. There is a Puzzle Swap Spot in front the CTK library desk. To help us get started, drop off your used puzzle(s) in the Return box. (If you would like your puzzle back please write your name and phone # in the lid) Wait a few days so boxes can “rest”.  We will wipe them down and move them to the Pickup table.  After that, pick-up a puzzle, enjoy, return it and pickup another.

You are also welcome to stop into the library and check out a book. When you enter the church, please remember to mask up, use the sanitizer provided and sign in.