CTK was scheduled to host FMF here May 22nd-28th.  However, due to concerns related to the continued covid outbreak, they will not be coming to our building - they will be sheltering at a hotel in Chaska.  We will, however, still be providing some groceries for breakfast & lunch and 5 evening meals.

We will need volunteers for dinner on Monday, May 23rd thru Friday, May 27th.  You can buy food from a restaurant or prepared food from a grocery store OR you can prepare a meal in the CTK little kitchen. If you are willing to make a meal - or donate $ for the groceries, PLEASE contact Jane V at jvevea@ctkb.org or call the office at 952-881-8600. If you are able and choose to cover the cost of the meal - THANK YOU!  However, your time is already a contribution and there are funds to reimburse the cost if you wish.  In that case, please save receipts and pass them on to Jane Bishop in the CTK office.

 Instructions from FMF are below. Thank you!

•    Meals should be delivered to the hotel and be ready to serve at 5 p.m. A Beacon staff member will be at the hotel to direct volunteers. Super 8 in Chaska - 830 Yellow Brick Rd.

•    Bring ready-to-eat meals that have been prepared in a commercial kitchen or that have been picked up from a restaurant or grocery store.

•    If the meals are packaged for each individual or family (i.e. already in boxes or on plates or divided into family packages), the meals may be dropped off for the staff member to distribute and no dishware is needed as families have plates/utensils in their rooms.