William Kent Krueger, a bestselling author from Minnesota, has penned a prequel to his Cork O’Connor series. As with the other books in the Cork O’Connor series, Lightning Strike (a book new to our library), takes place in Aurora, MN, a small town tucked in the forest by the shores of Minnesota’s Iron Lake. It begins with an older Cork O’Connor looking back on his childhood summer of 1963, shortly before he turns thirteen. A summer that follows him into his adolescence and changes his life. Cork is in the middle of a perfect summer, ruined only by his job of delivering the local newspapers in the morning and afternoon. There are unexplained deaths at the center of the story as Cork stumbles upon the body of a man he greatly respected. It is the first in many events that causes him to question things he took for granted about his family, himself, and his hometown. Father, Sheriff Liam O’Connor, and son, Cork, face the test of choosing between what their heads tell them is the truth and what their hearts know is right. As Krueger explains, “It’s really an opportunity for me to explore the relationship Cork had with his father and shaped him significantly in becoming the man who is center stage in the series.” While it is not necessary to have read any of the previous Cork O’Connor books, insights are revealed about Cork as he comes of age, and of his father. In so doing Lightning Strike provides a new understanding to what has been read before, and what will happen later in the series.  

~ Kay Marotz for the Library Team