Congregations host families who are experiencing homelessness, extending hospitality and a warm, safe place to rest. Dedicated volunteers from more than 90 congregations throughout the Twin Cities metro area (including CTK) make hot meals, lead activities, and set up comfortable spaces to sleep as they host families overnight for a week at a time.  However, due to Covid-19 safety precautions, families are currently being sheltered in a hotel in Chaska.  Congregations continue to provide evening meals for the families at the hotel, and drop off food for breakfast and lunch at the Beacon Program Center.

During the day, families work with FMF case managers based on their unique needs, finding support as they transition from temporary shelter to an established home. At the Beacon Program Center in Chaska, parents may search for a new home, do laundry, go to work or search for a new job, while their children play or go to school. Through the entire experience, FMF staff foster an environment of dignity and resilience.

Christ the King has supported FMF for over 40 years! Our prayers and financial gifts are needed even more now, to help cover the additional costs of sheltering families in hotels, rather than with congregations.  Your prayers and financial gift of love are greatly appreciated!