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usic Opportunities at Christ the King:

There’s room for everyone! Christ the King is a member congregation of The Royal School of Church Music America. We use the graded curriculum from RSCM to teach our children excellence in music and learn about worship In the church. The Trinity Choir For high school through age 101.  This choir rehearses on Wednesdays at 7:30 P.M.  The Average Worship Band Is for high school through age 101.  This group of singers and musicians rehearses on Tuesdays at 7:30 P.M.   Children’s Choirs: The children age 4 through grade 5 meet during Word on Wednesdays on Wednesday evenings.   Chapel Ringers are at 5:45 P.M.  We are looking for new ringers.  The ability to read music is essential. Private lessons on learning how to ring bells are also offered for new ringers!

What’s on the Menu for Lent? Song!

Many of us are familiar with the devotional practice of “giving something up” for Lent – for making space in our minds, our stomachs, our hearts for the Divine will to work within us. What might we “take up” or adopt as a good practice during these forty days of Lent to support our walk in our Easter life? SINGING!    Not only is singing good for your soul, it has measurable health benefits, both physical and psychological. Studies have shown that singing, especially with others, improves mental acuity, reduces inflammation, and releases mental stress. We as a culture are fast losing our communal singing traditions. I’m sure this is compounding our anxiety and aggression as a society. I encourage us all to sing more as a Lenten practice. Making our hearts, minds, and world a more beautiful place.

Some opportunities here at CTK this Lent:   Mid-week Worship, noon and 6:30pm, starting March 6th (Ash Wed.)    Together as a community we will sing psalms, hymns, and ritual music for the daily service of prayer. Following the Church’s ancient pattern of daily worship, we will listen to God’s word, sing praise, and offer petition for our world. A mix of old and new sounds. The largest choir in any church is found in the pews – the congregation! Embrace robust congregational singing, God wants to hear your voice. I do too! Take a hymnal if you don’t have one at home to sing each day as part of your daily prayer life. There are extra “old, green” hymnals in the corridor on the way to the lounge. Take one! Augment what we are doing together on Wednesdays and Sunday on other days by your self or as a couple/family.
High Voice Chorus/Women’s Chorus Sunday – March 24th (one week commitment)  Low Voice Chorus/Men’s Chorus Sunday – March 31st (one week commitment)    These two special, one-time groups will gather the Wednesday before the Sunday scheduled at 7:15pm (right after evening worship) in the choir room to learn a special anthem to present the following Sunday in worship. Note that sometimes based on age, health issues, or just natural range, one’s voice might fall in a range associated with another gender…no sweat! Female tenors, male countertenors, adolescents with changing voices, just pick which group you are more comfortable singing with! This is a great opportunity for any age to do some music with a tighter range and rich harmonies. Channel your inner Andrew Sister or Letterm(a)n! 
Join the Trinity Choir for Lent and Easter    It is possible and expected that some folks will want to sing with the adult choir – but not for the whole program year. Why not join a fun bunch of people to blend our voices to make for a memorable experience of the high-holy-days of the year? Rehearsals will be from 7:15 – 8:30 in the choir room (downstairs.) We begin with voice exercises, then will learn the psalms and hymns presented on Sundays, and choral pieces both simple and intricate. You can even come and see what it’s all about BEFORE making a decision!