May 15

You have made human beings a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honor.  Psalm 8:5 


It is not the will of your Father in heaven that one of these little ones should be lost.  Matthew 18:14 


What a thought the Psalmist has – we are created a little lower than God!  I seem to remember a translation where it says a little lower than the angels. My NIV version says the “heavenly beings.”  Whichever, it sounds like we were created and favored by God.  Psalm 8 is wonderful to read – all about God’s creation and how wonderful He is.  Then, it goes on to say that we are just a little lower than God and we have the power to rule over parts of creation.  We are to take good care of the plants, and animals and planet. 


In Matthew we have a little more to think about – we are to remember that everyone and everything is important to God.  The little ones, the children who were being ignored, are just as important as the adults.  In fact, Jesus tells us to become like little children.  We also have little (and big) animals that God gave us the responsibility for, to care for and to protect. Plus all the other things in our world, the plants, the soil, the air, all are a part of the wonderful creation of our Lord. 


And, we even get a crown – at least in our verse from Psalms it says that we are crowned with glory and honor. This has nothing to do with our actions, what we do or don’t do. This is solely due to the way God created us, and all the rest of creation.  In response, we need to care for His creation, down to the smallest creatures and the biggest too. 

Creator of all, you have given us royalty status to oversee your creation.  Forgive us for misusing that power and not doing your will.  Teach us to care for even the smallest members of your Creation.  Change our hearts today to see this world through your eyes and to serve it so that all may know your saving grace.  Amen

Chris Gabel