March 28

Do not put the Lord your God to the test.  Deuteronomy 6:16

Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Matthew 6:10

Christians know without doubt that God has blessed them in mighty ways. Blessing means “to project good into the life of another.”  God blesses us every day and we are to bless him as well.  We are also to bless others.  When we bestow a blessing on another, it is the goodness of God in us that makes that blessing.  So God is always involved in our blessing of others.

I very often end my written correspondence with someone using the words “God bless.”  I hope I always use those words whole heartedly.  For to bless someone is a Godly act and demands our whole heart.
Blessings are not always spoken words.  We are blessed daily with things that delight us; someone’s smile, a beautiful scene, a story or affirmation, loving looks, good food.
I recently had a tooth pulled and it was not easy.  The skill and caring ways of the dentist and his nurse helped me through the experience and were indeed blessings in my day.

Think about the blessings you receive every day.  Now think about the blessing that you are for others.  We are blessed to bless others.  “Repay with a blessing.  It is for this that you were called —- that you might inherit a blessing.”  1st Peter 3:9.

Blessed Lord, your blessings to us are innumerable and marvelous.  I pray that we may grow daily in our love, our trust in you and our desire to be a blessing to others. Amen

Quote by Dallas Willard in Living in Christ’s Presence. 

Joan Perlich