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Several months ago I purchased the book, Box of Butterflies by Roma Downey (Touched by An Angel and The Bible miniseries on TV). This book was so comforting and reassuring of God’s love that I just reread it and decided to donate it to our CTK library in the hope that others can find the comfort that I found. At the age of ten, Roma’s mother died. On her first visit to her mother’s grave along with her father, a beautiful butterfly was dancing around her mother’s grave. Her father turned to her and said “Would you look at that! That wee butterfly could be your mother’s spirit right there.” Thus, whenever she saw a butterfly she was comforted to know her mother was still with her. All throughout her life in moments of need butterflies have appeared in one form or another to remind her that she is not alone. The spirit of loved ones and God is always with her. This book is a collection of Roma’s personal stories of both high and low points in her life, favorite scriptures and poetic verses she shares that have helped her to know God’s love. She reminds us that in our busy and sometimes hectic lives we need to take time for silence, be it quiet prayer or a walk in nature. Silence and taking time to listen enables us to connect with the spirit and to hear God. This allows us to see how we may act as God’s angels by being kind and of help to others. My favorite quote of Roma’s caused me to stop and reflect on it: “When you feel like you are drowning in the sea of life, just remember that your lifeguard walks on water.” Anyone grieving or dealing with any situation where you are feeling alone should read this book. It gives us hope and reminds us that God loves us and He is always by our side. ~  Joy Morris, CTK Library Team  

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