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The books that I have been reading are by Nancy Mehl.  They are Amish Mysteries that take place in Sugarcreek, Ohio, which actually exists and some characters are based on residents whose identities have been fictionalized. This book is BLESSINGS IN DISQUISE.  Cheryl Cooper is the main character and runs a gift shop, the Swiss Miss, in Sugarcreek, which her aunt Mitzi started.  Her aunt has gone overseas to fulfill a Missionary call.  Cheryl is not Amish but is enjoying getting to know some of the people.      

Cheryl discovers that there are some ominous people in Sugarcreek.  She meets a woman, Naomi Miller, and they become good friends and try to solve some of the mysteries.   
I recommend all of Nancy Mehl Amish Mystery books.
Sharon Haugesag, from the Library Team

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