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This was written some time ago and entered in the “Kings Herald Reads” by a former library team member.  It is worth publishing again since it is still appropriate.

Me, I still like pages.  I also like inspiration in the morning.  Our CTK library has two sections of devotional books.  Many have short chapters allowing quick inspiration for the day.

I enjoyed a little book Why Pray? This book stresses that prayer is a relationship.  Praying is carried out with caring.  I enjoyed Henri Noumen’s book, Living in the Spirt.  He writes about living in the present, joy, prayer and relationships. 

Other devotional books suggested by library team members are:

Surprise Me, Jesus, Guerrillas of Grace, Dog Psalms, Here and Now and C.S. Lewis books. 

Available monthly in our library is a flyer called Prayer Venture put out by ELCA.  It’s a guide to prayer for ELCA’s global ministries.

Don’t forget www.ctkb.org  it has devotions written by our own members.

(click on learning and then devotions.) or listen to a sermon by clicking on Media.  Browse the web site, it is exceptional.  Call Jane VeVea and she can add the devotionals to your e-mail.

Praying, Caring, Sharing.  Words to live by.

Ginny Bergerson

(Ginny is living in “The Moments,” in Lakeville, the library team misses her delightful personality, expertise and all she contributed to the team.) ~ Mary Peterson on behalf of Ginny and the Library Team


Christ the King Library located in the Commons is a safe place for spiritual education, discipleship, and faith enrichment. It encourages an appreciation for all of God’s world.