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(This article was written for the April Herald—which we did not have due to the pandemic. Picture the library of the past and hopefully the not to distant future.)

Come into the CTK library.  Walk past the desk that divides our space from the gathering room.  Enjoy watching a small child sitting at the little table, looking at a picture book or coloring on a page.  Perhaps you will see someone sitting on one of the two comfortable chairs reading. Walk toward the far wall and begin to notice the book shelves. These shelves contain treasures for they hold the writings of famous Christian authors.  Collections of books by Henri Nouwen, C.S. Lewis, Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther, Barbara Knutson, (one of CTK’s own writers).  Look farther to see books on prayer and spiritual life, then art and a shelf of bibles.  If you are not familiar with the Bible interpretation entitled “The Message”, take it from the shelf and read a passage or two.  It is written in modern language. Eugene Peterson, the interpreter, had a way to use words which are fun to read and always express the meaning of the scripture.

Right around the corner, you will find books on health and grief.  Also, books in large print.  Next, memoirs.  At last, the fiction section appears.  These are the books which are most frequently checked out of the library.  We screen them carefully to make sure that they are appropriate for a Christian library. 

Our mission statement states that our library is a safe place for spiritual education, discipleship and faith enrichment.  We on the Library Team hope that our endeavors help to carry out the ministry of God’s church.  Come in, browse and enjoy. Find resources which will help you to grow in relationship to Jesus Christ as well as books to entertain and learn.

A quote from our brochure.  “People who live well and live long tend to be avid, curious readers”.

Joan Perlich for the Library Team



Book Review for Thief River Falls

For those of you who like to read books that are written around Minnesota landmarks, Carleton College graduate, Brian Freeman, author of Thief River Falls, follows Lisa Power who now lives in a remote house outside Thief River Falls city limits. Ironically, she is the author of a book titled Thief River Falls and has survived some tragedies that took away her entire family…a series she calls the “Dark Star.” Lisa is now a tortured soul secluded in her rural home when she attempts to rescue an amnesiac lost boy with a terrifying story who appears one autumn night at her door. This nameless boy tells her he’s just escaped death after witnessing a hideous murder. A crime the police and other powerful men, who are now chasing him, want to cover up. Lisa becomes obsessed with his safety and resolves to expose this brutal crime. She soon finds out that not only are these powerful men desperate to get the boy back, but they want her too. Lisa and the runaway are thwarted by bad weather and uncertainty because everyone in the area recognizes her as the famous author. Lisa must find a way to save them both or they will be the victims of another tragedy…she and the runaway have nowhere to go as the trap closes around them. This psychological thriller pulled me in and held my interest until the twisting plot brought the story to an unforeseeable shocking end. Thief River Falls is now in our CTK library.

Kay Marotz, Library Team


Christ the King Library located in the Commons is a safe place for spiritual education, discipleship, and faith enrichment. It encourages an appreciation for all of God’s world.