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The Magic Never Ends

The Life and Work of C.S. Lewis

If you are already acquainted with C.S. Lewis or have never had the pleasure please take this recommendation from the CTKB Library and enjoy our collection. 

He is known as one of the greatest Christian writers and his stories on fantasy are delightful and full of everyday life lessons. 

Another great read is the series called “The Chronicles of Narnia.”  These books are good for both adult and younger.  You and your child or grandchildren can share the joy and excitement of the novels.  Many agree that the “Chronicles” work because the stories are universal and lasting.  The language used in the series is fun to read, especially for young people.  If you needed to call a badger something, “Truffelhunter” sounds like a good name to use.   The stories are so packed with wisdom that you find yourself learning more about life, the meaning of goodness, badness and so on. 

Many mistake the books subtle Christian parallels as Lewis’s attempt to write the stories as allegory.  They were books for children and they grew out of his imagination.  They were not allegories because there is not an exact one-to-one relationship. 

“The Magic Never Ends” is loaded with information regarding C.S. Lewis.  Give his many works a try….you will see why he is so highly respected. 

Darla Maijala for the Library Team


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