Teaching with Love Tutoring

Introduction: Online learning got you down and stressed more than it should be? Do you feel like you are doing it all (parenting, working, AND teaching-not to mention being your child’s personal tech guru and entertainer!?!) Do you feel like you’d give anything for a break, at least for a little while? Well, have no fear because the Teaching with Love is here!

Bio: Brittany is a licensed teacher with expertise and experience in early elementary education, as well as middle school education. She taught for 2 years in the middle school setting and 1 year in Kindergarten and currently serves as the Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministry at Christ the King. She loves teaching, helping students learn and reach their potential and finds joy in helping parents find the balance of teacher, parent, and entertainer, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Information & Pricing 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-12 pm when school is in session

$45 dollars a day for 1 child plus an extra $20 a day after first child from the same family



Early Elementary: 

9-9:15 am: Welcome-check-in

9:15-10 am: Literacy time (activities chosen based on kid’s needs)

10-10:05: Bathroom break and hand washing

10:05-10:30: Snack and playground time & more handwashing

10:30-11:15: Math time (activities are chosen based on the kid’s needs)

11:15-11:45: Specials/extracurricular activities (art, science, social studies)

11:45-11:55: Storytime

11:55-12: Handwashing and check-out

Upper Elementary (in the same room-just slightly different schedule)

9-9:15am: Welcome-check-in

9:15-10:20 am: Literacy time (activities chosen based on kid’s needs)

10:20-10:30: Bathroom break and hand washing

10:30-10:45: Snack and outside time & more hand washing

10:45-11:30: Math time (activities are chosen based on the kid’s needs)

11:30-11:55: Specials/extracurricular activities (art, science, social studies)

11:55-12: Handwashing and check-out

Safety Protocols

-All students will wear a mask during the day except for snack and drink breaks.

-Symptoms checks will occur every day when tutoring is in session

-Kids will only have access to one bathroom area so as not to risk more exposure of others coming to the church during the day.

-Frequent cleaning of tables, bathrooms, and gathering areas-before, during, and after tutoring days.

-Hand Sanitizer readily available

-Tutors/supervision will always wear masks 

-6 feet of distance will be enforced during learning activities and extremely recommended during break time.

-Each Student will have their own table and area.

-All students will bring their own technology devices and school supplies that are needed each day for learning. 

-No early drop off or late pick up due to time constraints and exposure.
Email Brittany at brittanylouise25@gmail.com to register or if you have any questions!!