June 17, 2020

Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing. Psalm 100:2 

Give thanks to the Father, who has enabled you to share the inheritance of the saints in the light. Colossians 1:12

The theme for today is thankfulness. Thankfulness includes feeling gratitude and expressing appreciation. Psalm 100 is a psalm for giving thanks. Go ahead and read through the whole psalm, it doesn’t take long to read all five verses. We are urged to do this as we worship the Lord. Is this how we worship? It may seem that we think, oh it’s the weekend, we have to go to church and make it through an hour-long service. Just going through the motions, following along, listening to the music but not really singing along. Yet the Psalmist says we should enter God’s presence with singing – maybe we should sing as we enter the sanctuary? That would certainly catch people’s attention. (At least when the pandemic finally allows us to worship in sanctuaries again.)

The first portion of Colossians is titled “Thanksgiving and Prayer.” The two go together, part of prayer is to give thanks to God. Paul writes in this letter against being over ceremonial –or lots of rules about food, drink, and festivals. The emphasis is on the simple gratitude for all that God has done for us, thankfulness, giving thanks to God, the Father, our creator. The one who sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit so that we could all be saints. That sounds like something to be thankful for!

With all the difficulties in our world today it might be hard to think of anything to be thankful for. Separation from others, perhaps depression, and anger at recent events all make it a bit difficult to live in thankfulness. Perhaps we should be starting each day with thanks to God for the morning, for the sun or the rain, for the heat or the cold, for all the beauty of nature and for all the good people that He created. For all the problems, depression, and anger we experience we know that God is with us, all of us. He will give us the strength to help others as we work on solving these major problems. As the Psalmist wrote in 100:1 – Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, we offer praise unto you and sing, “Glory Alleluia.” May our praise be a sweet incense to you. Father of light, we are your children. We know that you inhabit the praise of your people and we are strengthened by our praises. Help us to remember that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Amen. 

Chris Gabel