July 26

“The eyes of all wait upon Thee; and thou givest them their meat in due season.  Thou openest Thine hand and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.:  Psalm 145:15-16

“And they all ate and were satisfied; and they took up seven baskets full of the broken pieces left over.”  Matthew 15:37

I remember a story I read awhile back … a Fisher Poets Gathering of poems, essays and songs … somewhere in Oregon.  There was one I had especially liked, and I found it again.  Harrison “Smitty” Smith, at 79 the oldest participant, recited: 

 “According to a fisherman whose name was Devine:

“The world’s a cafeteria.  You get one trip through the line.’”

For some the trip is a smorgasbord with many choices and opportunities.  What do I want to be?  Where will I go to school?  Where should we live?  Where should we go on vacation?  What’s for supper?  For others … shall we eat rice – or rice?

The table is not set just for me.  It’s a LINE, with others.  Some budge in to get the best – the most – while others are shoved back.  These must hope there is something choice left for them.  But some are not welcomed inside the door at all.  They too – ALL – are getting one trip through “the line”.

I see a good message in “Smitty’s” lunch line philosophy. 

  • A cafeteria – Choices… Some/we have the freedom and the means to sample new and different things.  Some will choose poorly.  Others will have little if anything to choose from.  Remember your life’s “marketplace”, and give thanks.
  • One trip – Not one minute can be repeated.  We should make wise choices, and use our time well in a way we can be proud of.
  • The “line” – It’s meant to include all.  Ask them their stories while waiting together and befriend them … And….
  • Leave something good for those in line behind you.

Lord, May your Spirit remind me you are in “the line” beside me, all the way.  Help me notice all the goodness you have provided, see all the opportunities to share and to serve, make good choices, and to leave some of your bounty for the next in line.  Amen

Verla Olson