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About our Flood

On Sunday, May 1st we arrived at church to find an inch of standing water flooding the Commons, with more pouring out of coffee maker. A piece of the coffee maker had malfunctioned overnight and now water was everywhere!

Thanks to the quick work of our custodian Dan Lenort and numerous members the water was cleaned up, but not before doing damage to our counters, cabinets, carpeting, furniture, and leaking into the ceilings and walls underneath. All told, the damages amount to over $18k, and our insurance deductible is $5k.

We need your help to cover this unexpected cost.

Proportional Giving

An Opportunity for Generosity

While this flood has created an unexpected financial burden, the CTK Church Council is choosing to see it as an opportunity to minister to others through proportional generosity.

Proportional Giving is Biblical

Many people are familiar with the word “tithe.” Tithe means ten percent. Throughout Scripture we see the discipline of proportional giving, whether it's setting aside one day out of every week as a Sabbath or giving a percentage of your income. Proportional, or percentage-based, giving means that you give according to what God has given you.

50% of Your Gift Will Be Passed On

Jesus tells us to "love your neighbor as yourself." So while we need to spend money on our own community, we also want to be equally generous beyond our community. That is why the council has decided that 50% of all funds raised through the Flood of Love Appeal will be sent on to help others in need, specifically refugees fleeing Ukraine.

A Flood of Humanity

As of the beginning of June, an estimated 6 million refugees have fled the war in Ukraine, mostly women and children. More flee their homes every day as the fighting continues in a veritable flood of humanity. Most take the trains, which are free but overburdened and a target for missile attacks from Russia. 

Thanks to connections with a chaplain who has served on the ground in Ukraine, we at Christ the King can help people get to safety. Working with Ukrainian bus companies, we can evacuate women and children who have arrived in Lviv from the Donbas region. Every bus we can charter can take 60 souls to Warsaw, Poland where there is a wider bandwidth of volunteer clinicians to assist with psychological first aid for the sea of people in need.

Every $50 brings a life to safety

Make a special gift this June to the Flood of Love appeal. For every $50 you give, you help us repair our church building while also evacuating one Ukrainian out of danger.

This month we hope all our members will consider making a gift to our Flood of Love appeal which will help us repair the damages from our flood and evacuate Ukrainian women and children to safety.

However, if you would like to give solely to Ukrainian Bus Evacuations, or are not a member and would like to give to this effort, you can do so through our June Gift of Love. 100% of our Gift of Love this month will be used to charter buses to help Ukrainian refugees get from Lviv to Warsaw.