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Want to learn how to create community and excite your friends? Want to be a part of our unique Dungeons & Dragons Ministry? Learn the basics of Dungeon Mastering and playing Dungeons & Dragons from Pastor Rory Philstrom, an experienced Dungeon Master and D&D Retreat Leader. This introductory workshop will provide an opportunity to learn practice skills for the combat & exploration pillars of D&D 5th Edition:

· Meeting & managing the players at the table

· Understanding & managing the combat action economy (actions, bonus actions, reactions, legendary actions, lair actions, and more)

· Running monsters

· Matching abilities & skills to random events at the table

· Improvising skill checks · Prepping for exciting combats and meaningful discoveries

Future workshops will be held on April 1st and May 6th, also from 2-4:30pm.

April 1st - Crafting Adventure (creating adventures that connect with your players, managing pacing to keep your sessions exciting)

May 6th - Playing the Fools (creating & improvising characters, improvising scenes, adapting when your players go off the rails) You can register at These workshops are for youth and adults and are open to the public.