CTK Continuing Resolutions

Continuing resolutions are a tool that we use to describe the functions of various church ministries, teams, and their supporting structures; establish church policies; and define continuing church operating procedures. These resolutions are drafted by ministry teams, committees, and/or pastors and then presented to the Council for adoption. See CR-2018-1 and the Blank CR Format for more information about what a CR is and how to write one.
Continuing resolutions are an important part of our process for hearing and affirming God’s call. Whenever someone hears the Holy Spirit nudging our ministry in a new direction, they will take some time to define that nudging through a CR. It is a simple structure to help us define God’s various calls for our lives. That defined call will then go before our Congregation Council, who will pray about it and determine if that calling is indeed something of God or if it is originating from some other place. See CR-2018-2 and the Blank CR Format for Ministry Teams for a definition of how to use a CR to help you define God’s call in your life and how to start a new ministry here at Christ the King. You can also print and fill out a paper version of the form with the required information.

Continuing Resolutions Approved by the CTK Congregational Council